Dear Friends and Neighbors,


Our Atlanta City Councilwoman, Yolanda Adrean, is seeking a renewal of her mandate to serve us.  While Yolanda can certainly speak for herself about her record of accomplishments in the four short years she has been on Council, we think it's important for you to hear voices from across our community, too.  Support for Yolanda is wide and deep, and there are many reasons for that.  We want to share some of them with you.


In the days that follow, we will send you a collection of quotes from your neighbors talking about the particular reasons each one has for supporting Yolanda's re-election.  Look for an email a day in your inbox, and we'll post them on her website and Facebook, too.  We call this, "THIRTY VOICES IN THIRTY DAYS."


There is much to be said for coming together as a community.  Not only will you read why 30 of your neighbors are on board, you'll also learn more about your neighbors and the things that matter to them ... and to us all.  This is, indeed, as much a conversation neighbor to neighbor as it is a campaign, so please share our emails and our Facebook posts, and, when you happen to see a District 8 neighbor, please pass it on the old fashioned way: in conversation.


Thank you for your time.


Your neighbors,   


Mark Elliott                                                    

Mark Elliott                                  Roxanne Smith 

Chastain Neighbor                       Former President 
Former Chair and President        Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy

Northside Youth Organization



P.S.  Of course, we think you will find compelling what Yolanda does have to say about her record on Council.  For starters, you can read her Open Letter on the Home Page of her website.  You can also call her at home.  Her home number is (404) 261-4593.

 Day 1

"Yolanda Adrean brings a very strong business acumen and executive presence, which is evident in her ability to speak and connect with neighbors in a meaningful way.  I have been most impressed with her knowledge of the neighborhood and awareness of priorities to drive change that makes a difference."

Carl Smith
Partner/Principal, Ernst & Young LLC

Day 2

"Yolanda Adrean runs the consummate Council office.  She and her staff are always responsive and helpful and informed. She is knowledgeable on City issues and communicates well with her constituents.  When 10% of our neighborhood was having trouble with their water bills, Yolanda set up a meeting for me with JoAnn Macrina, the head of Watershed, and several members of her staff so that we could work out our problems and at the same time inform the Watershed Department of the nature of our problems dealing with this department and how wide spread these problems were. Yolanda Adrean helped us solve our problems and helped the City Watershed work better."

Buff Quillian
President, Peachtree Heights West Civic Association

 Day 3

"Yolanda is awesome. I've worked with her a lot on the Walk Chastain project and she is an incredible advocate for Walk Chastain and for Chastain Park as a whole. She understands the park's complexities, knows the issues and most importantly, is really committed to getting things done. It's great to have some one downtown whose looking out for Chastain Park. Yolanda rocks!"

J.P. Matzigkeit
Chastain Park Conservancy

Day 4

"I am so proud to be represented by Yolanda Adrean.  She is smart, honest, hard working, and fun.  She wants government to serve the citizens, be efficient, and be affordable.  I appreciate her many accomplishments in the last almost 4 years.  I am so glad she is willing to serve again. Vote with me for Yolanda!"

Brenda Smith
Neighborhood Leader and Activist
 Day 5

"Residents who live in our district deservedly want a high quality of life.  We also want our councilwoman to be able to respond accordingly at that same level.  We are so fortunate to have Yolanda Adrean as our councilwoman who listens, evaluates and responds consistently to a very active and involved electorate. With her intelligence and plain common sense approach we really have the best of both worlds.  Other office holders perhaps would get overwhelmed but Yolanda remains steady, focused and most importantly always gets the job accomplished at the high standards that she sets for herself. How fortunate we are!"

Michael Koblenz
Chair, Northwest Community Alliance
 Day 6

"Even before citizen Yolanda Adrean became Councilmember Adrean, she was a huge booster for the Atlanta Fire Rescue Dept and the Atlanta Fire Foundation, leading the community effort to privately fund the badly needed renovation of Fire Station 27 when she was president of the Mt. Paran-Northside Citizens Association. Since being elected to City Council, District 8, she has contributed mightily to Atlanta's fiscal management improvements and accountabilities and continues to be a huge supporter of the Atlanta Fire Foundation and supporting badly needed salary promotion increases for AFRD.  She is not only a visible supporter of our City's bravest, but she is one who addresses difficult issues head-on, whether you agree with her or not, you will know where she stands.  

We are fortunate to have a citizen with such commitment, conviction, talent, knowledge and skills serve our city and its citizens. Without reservation, I personally support Yolanda's re-election!" 

Jacques P. Murphy
Chairman, Atlanta Fire Foundation, Inc.
Director, Buckhead Coalition, Inc.
 Day 7

“My friendship with Yolanda began on my first day of 3rd grade when I sat down next to her youngest daughter Stephanie, who became my new best friend. Today, I am thankful to have Yolanda as a friend, mentor andCouncilmember serving District 8. Yolanda's engagement in our community and initiative to take action is a breath of fresh air for a young voter like me."        


Maggie Allen

Junior Achievement

Stephanie Adrean & Maggie Allen
                                                                                                                                                                  in the 3rd Grade)
  Day 8

“I am fully supportive of Yolanda Adrean's candidacy.  During her first term she did an exceptional job of realigning the City's retirement programs.  When she took on this monumental task, she began by gaining a deep understanding of retirement programs.  She examined defined benefit plans vs defined contribution plan design features, pension accrual formulas, plan funding requirements and employee's retirement income needs.  Armed with the alternatives available to the City and its workers - and the pros and cons of each - she negotiated and finalized an acceptable solution for all. I am hopeful that in her next term she can take on the City's retirement plan asset situation.  The plans have underperformed the market and should be better managed.  Increasing the plan's asset returns will reduce the City's funding requirements and put its employees in a more secure situation. This is of utmost importance given the Detroit situation!”

Ann O'Connell

Retired PWC Partner

Associate of the Society of Actuaries
Enrolled Actuary
Member of the American Academy of Actuaries
Former Board Chair
Day 9

"When I serve
d as chair of NPU-C, Councilwoman Adrean was 
always there to help the neighborhoods. For example, she fought hard against the Colonial Homes rezoning. Yolanda is a tremendous advocate for the protection of our community."

Paul Melvin
Former Chair, NPU C
Day 10
“Yolanda epitomizes true public service. Her district benefits from her careful 
attention to all matters impacting the City. She has quickly figured out how to work with the Mayor and her colleagues on the Council to move the City forward 
and get things done.”

Beth Chandler
Former City Attorney and Chastain Resident
Day 11 

“Yolanda was first my friend, and now she is my District 8 Representative.  Since joining City Council, her support of our park has made an improvement to the quality of my family’s life, and that of others in Buckhead.”

W. Jud Ready, Ph.D.
Principal Research Engineer & Adjunct Professor
Georgia Tech

Day 12

"I first got to know Yolanda when both of us served as members of the BeltLine TADAC (Tax Allocation District Advisory Council) in 2007-08.  Yolanda immediately impressed me with her knowledge, her willingness to work hard, and her obvious skill in financial matters (which was critically important on TADAC).  She asked hard questions and insisted on getting answers then, and she brings those same skills to her work on City Council now.  I’m proud to know her and proud to support her candidacy for City Council!"

Ester Stokes
Landscape Designer and Community Leader

 Day 13

“When I first met Yolanda more than a decade ago, it quickly became apparent that she possessed 
rare leadership qualities and a strong desire to use them in a meaningful way. As the longest serving president of a well-established civic association, Yolanda’s ability to manage and motivate people resulted in numerous significant and enduring accomplishments that will benefit the community and its citizens for decades to come.  Yolanda is a proven leader.  Her professional financial background, work ethic, integrity, knowledge of the issues, and dedication to making the city the best it can be make her a unique and valued elected official.” 
                                                                                                                                                                  Lynne Moscow
#1 Fan
Day 14

"As a former State Representative, I appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to work with Atlanta City Council member, Yolanda Adrean, on several issues that concerned both our City and State. She worked diligently to resolve the problems that we faced, and I always felt confident that she sought the best outcome for both our communities and for the State of Georgia.  We are fortunate to have someone like Yolanda representing us, who will work hard to solve future issues arising in our district and someone who will work together with other State and County officials for the betterment of our communities."

Elly Dobbs

Former State Representative
District 53

Day 15

"I have had the great pleasure of working collaboratively will Yolanda for the past four years on our mutual constituents’ concerns.  She is one of the hardest working and knowledgeable people in elective office I have known and the people of Atlanta are fortunate to have her watching out for our interest downtown."

                                                                                          Edward Lindsey 
                                                                                          Former State Representative                                                                      Georgia House Majority Whip
Day 16

“On the morning of Sunday, May 12 (Mothers’ Day), we found out that a water main pipe, which runs across the front of our house, had a leak.  A crew from the department of watershed management decided to wait until Monday morning to make the repairs.  However, by 7 p.m. that evening, the water main pipe had burst, the fire hydrant which was connected to it fell over, and in the next few minutes, the water was coming down the hill into our home so fast, that we immediately had a flooded basement. My next call was to Yolanda Adrean.  She immediately returned my phone call and sent an emergency crew to help us out.  By 11 p.m., we had had a visit from Christopher Harris and Scheree Rawles from the watershed department, who made sure that the repairs were done correctly, and water service was restored by 5 a.m. the next morning.  Early in the morning, another crew showed up to dry out our basement and demolish and throw away anything that had been damaged.  All through the night, Yolanda stayed in touch with me; her last text came sometime after 2 a.m. Yolanda had become aware that this leak had been an ongoing issue for over eighteen months.  As a result, Yolanda has been in contact with the watershed department to ensure that the processes that have been in place are updated.  Yolanda is following up on remediation for damages to my home and yard.I can go on about all the times that Yolanda has helped me and my neighbors.  Not only is she a great council member, but she also has a great staff.  I look forward to Yolanda’s next term in office.”

Maria Furth (with Bear) 
President – Pot Luck Gardens, Inc.
Wildwood Civic Association Board Member

Day 17

“I have known Councilwoman Yolanda Adrean for over 13 years and she has been a constant inspiration to me. As a recent MBA graduate I value Yolanda’s passion for financial prudence and leadership by example. In all the time I have known her she has been compassionate, intelligent and dedicated. She sets the standard by which I evaluate other public officials.”
                                                                                                   Lamar Chesney
                                                                 Neighbor and recent MBA graduate
 Day 18

"Yolanda is a thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate servant leader who I admire so much.  I had the pleasure of participating in multiple policy conversations with Yolanda during our year in Leadership Atlanta, in all of our discussions Yolanda always voiced her commitment to having diverse voices and people at the table when it came to decision making.  Yolanda is dedicated to advocating for the rights for everyone living in the city, and is a champion for diversity.    So proud to call Yolanda a friend!"

Helen Ho
Executive Director, Asian American Legal Advocacy Center, Inc.
(AALAC) of Georgia

 Day 19

“Hi - I am Ron Grunwald, Board Member for the Loring Heights Neighborhood Association serving alternately as President, Land Use Chair and NPU-E Representative.  Our neighborhood, and particularly myself, have enjoyed a very strong bond with Yolanda over her first four years on the Council.  she has always been available and extremely responsive to our questions, comments and numerous needs over the past four years.  Specifically, she has enabled our neighborhood to complete a major renovation of our City Park including the installation of a much needed playground.  Yolanda has also brokered conversations and solutions to a myriad of situations such as traffic, detours, zoning issues and her office has kept us informed of changes and initiatives by City Hall.  Most of all, I commend her availability at any time...literally, anytime, there is an issue of importance to us or our greater community.  The dedication and communication she offers us continually help ensure our quality of life in the City and the protection we all deserve as taxpayers within the City of Atlanta.”

Ron Grunwald with his wife Laura and son Asher
Resident and Board member of Loring Heights
 Day 20          

Mark Elliott“Councilmember Adrean's work with City Council on pension reform for Atlanta City government was remarkable, and incredibly important and effective. Pension reform created enormous savings in the City budget, and those savings were (and will continue to be) passed along to City residents who pay real estate taxes.  Our real estate taxes are lower today, and will be for years to come, because of the reformed pension system brought about by Yolanda, making housing inside the city limits more attractive.  We owe her a debt of gratitude for her work.”

Mark Elliott
Chastain neighbor and former Chair and President,
Northside Youth Organization

Day 21

“It is no secret that Yolanda is a huge supporter of locally-owned business. However, as a woman and a mother, I have faced some unique challenges starting my Buckhead bakery. Finding balance between family and the long hours of a business owner is always a difficult task. A busy wife and mother herself, Yolanda relates to the hurdles of being a hard-working female. Yolanda has gone out of her way, time after time, to show support and encourage me through all the challenges. I'm very grateful to know her and I am equally grateful that she works so hard to serve not only the local business owner, but the entire community of Buckhead and the City of Atlanta.”

Beth Castro
Mom and Owner of Mae's Bakery

Day 22           

"Yolanda has a genuine passion for providing leadership on issues that matter to her neighbors at the local level.   She has developed a broad and detailed knowledge base of the community, she asks questions and she is willing to listen to people and understand perspectives around the many items facing the City before she takes a position or makes a decision.   It is rare to find someone who is as involved as Yolanda and for the right reasons." 

Nancy Rafuse
Partner, Rafuse Hill & Hodges LLP
 Day 23

"After the devastating floods of 2009, Atlanta Memorial Park suffered horrendous damages. Downed trees, severecreek-bed erosion, and sewage contamination in the creek and surrounding park space were just a few of the challenges facing our neighborhood.  With one call to the District 8 office for assistance, Yolanda Adrean personally came out to walk the park with us to assess the damage. Yolanda was instrumental in finding funding to assist our neighborhood association in the costly removal of downed trees. Yolanda also was able to arrange apark walk thru with the top members of the Parks Department and Department of Watershed Management.  On several occasions, Yolanda even donned her work boots to join our neighborhood in creek and park clean-up efforts. Yolanda partnered with our neighborhood to make sure that our needs were addressed in order to restore the park for all Atlantans to enjoy. Yolanda has been a tireless advocate for Atlanta Memorial Park appreciating that the park is enjoyed by all Atlantans, not just those in our neighborhood. As a neighborhood leader, I could not have begun to tackle the overwhelming task of cleaning up the park without the dependable assistance and partnership with Yolanda Adrean and her office. Yolanda knows how to get the job done and gets it done right the first time!  Yolanda Adrean is a tireless public servant."

Loulie T.  Reese
Former President, Memorial Park Civic Association
Day 24

“I am a 20 year resident of Buckhead and live in the Paces Civic Association, a community of 650 homes on the West side of Buckhead. Fort Peachtree Park is in my neighborhood and consists of 24 acres on the Chattahoochee River.  We asked Yolanda to help us to get the park reopened and she has already gotten the Mayor’s attention and we are well on the way to getting the park opened up again for the neighborhood.  Yolanda is a wonderful advocate for  our community!”

Debra Johnston
Atlanta Fine Home Sotheby's International Realty
 Day 25

“As current president of the Mt. Paran-Northside Citizens Association, I regularly reach out to Yolanda for help with neighborhood issues.  She is my “go-to” person for just about any question or concern and is never too busy to help out.  In 2012, when some other neighbors and I formed a committee to work with Georgia Department of Transportation and the city on the redesign of the Mt. Paran/Northside/I-75 intersection, Yolanda’s involvement on that committee proved to be an invaluable resource.”

Jennifer Moyers
Former President of Mt Paran-Northside Neighborhood Association

 Day 26

“Yolanda Adrean is Top of the Class when it comes to leading Atlanta on a path to financial sustainability. In 2011, she lectured in a course I teach called Managing Public Money. As the leader of the Council’s proposal to shore up pensions for Atlanta’s public employees, Yolanda shared with my students that reform options required responsibly fulfilling commitments to city employees but also ensuring that pension benefits would not unduly stress future taxpayers. This demonstration of her commitment to fiscal discipline and workable reform was a wonderful lesson for the future policymakers who sit in my classroom. The Atlanta City Council needs a member with her acumen for prudent financial management and tenacity to find solutions to tough budget choices.”

Cynthia Searcy
Professor of Public Budgeting and Finance
 Day 27

“One of the challenges facing our neighborhood was several properties situated in a flood plain, some of which were abandoned and ‘attractive nuisances.’  As our City Council Member, Yolanda Adrean was instrumental in having these properties converted to green space through the City's Greenway Acquisition Project. Working closely with the neighborhood association, FEMA, GEMA and the City, Yolanda helped facilitate this transition from abandoned and vulnerable structures to parkland.  Yolanda could not have been more helpful.”

David Ross
Former President of Peachtree Battle Alliance

 Day 28

“When we moved to Buckhead thirteen years ago, our street, Northside Drive was in serious disrepair.  Neither the city nor the state would take responsibility for the roadwork that needed to be done.  It wasn't until Yolanda Adrean was elected to Atlanta City Council that we began to see things get done.  Thanks to Yolanda's personal effort and diligent follow-up, Northside Drive and other heavily traveled Buckhead streets are finally a smooth 
ride once again!”

London and Jerry Andes
Residents of Mt Paran-Northside Citizens Association
 Day 29

“Yolanda Adrean has been a tremendous help to our neighborhoods and communities, and such a pleasure to work with. Yolanda has worked tirelessly to help us with come up with solutions and funding for traffic calming and increasing our pedestrian safety on the Howell Mill corridor. In addition, as a strong advocate for sidewalks for kids who want to walk to school, she helps us increase public awareness of our Walk to School initiatives by taking part in Walk to School Day at Morris Brandon Elementary.”

Lori Smith, 
Wildwood Civic Association and Morris Brandon Elementary parent

(Pictured L to R: Jennifer Trapnell, Lori Jones,
Yolanda Adrean and Lori Smith)

 Day 30

"A real mark of an outstanding leader is one who has demonstrated a high level of performance over a long period of time. I first met Yolanda in 1975; she was an outstanding college senior interviewing for a position in public accounting, and she accepted an offer to join our firm .  Throughout Yolanda's business career I observed an intelligent individual with a high degree of energy, ethics, and a team player who cared for others.  I have continued to observe these attributes in Yolanda's family life and more recently on our City Council.  She is extremely dedicated to make the quality of life better for all citizens of our City and doing the right thing for all each day.  I am proud to support her and honored she represents our District."

Bob Guido
Retired Vice-Chair Ernst & Young
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