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"Yolanda Adrean has been a catalyst for growth in our community. She has went over and beyond to support small businesses here in Atlanta. It makes me proud to have such excellent representation and leadership for the future of Atlanta."

Howard W. Hsu
Small Business Owner
Sweet Auburn BBQ/Atlanta Food Truck Park and Market

"The Peachtree Battle Alliance could not have found a better advocate than District 8 Representative Yolanda Adrean. Her responsiveness and availability have been wonderful from the start. For over 75 years our neighborhood suffered from unpleasant odors due to a sewer siphon located just West of the Bobby Jones Clubhouse on Woodward Way. After explaining the issue to Yolanda and her staff she was able to bring together all of the needed partners in the Department of Watershed and the Department of Public Works to get our problem solved. It took many months of meetings and follow-up and she was with us every step of the way. We could not be more pleased with the results and with Yolanda. Yolanda is a regular attendee at our annual meetings and has pitched in on neighborhood wide clean-ups. We call on her services on a regular basis when we need support in any number of municipal services and she does a great job of keeping us informed on issues that impact our area. This enables us to distribute information to our entire neighborhood keeping them fully informed, as well. We thank Yolanda for her tireless efforts and look forward to many years of partnership to come."

Roxanne Giles Smith
President, Peachtree Battle Alliance
Vice Chair, NPU-C

"We at NYO have found Yolanda to be an amazing advocate and voice for Chastain Park and for our youth programs.  She has worked tirelessly to help us with the City of Atlanta, as we have developed partnerships with the City in several areas that needed time, attention and careful thought.  She has taken the time to understand our issues and concerns, and she has helped us to deal with problems as they arise. Yolanda understands that a healthy Chastain Park is important for the health of the surrounding neighborhood, and she does a great job of balancing the many competing interests that use and enjoy the Park. We are also impressed that she is always live and in person, around the Park.  When we were advocating the use of the Red lot (next to the amphitheater)for users of the PATH, to alleviate crowding in the immediate area around the Park, she was there, parking at the Red lot to help us prove its utility, as she walked around the Park. She is not a faceless bureaucrat, governing from downtown; she is in and around Chastain Park, and she can understand and address our concerns, and recommend creative and helpful solutions, because she sees knows the area."

Mark Elliott
President, Northside Youth Organization (NYO)

"Yolanda Adrean combines the fiscally conservative, open government approach we need for real reform at City Hall with a compelling personal ability to win over her colleagues. Having served on City Council for eight years, I know that it’s this combination that gets things done, and we’ve seen real results during her term: putting Atlanta back on a sound financial footing, with pension reform, improved bond ratings, and cash reserves up from $7 million to nearly $127 million. We are now a city living within our means. We’re fortunate to have someone with Yolanda’s commitment and experience ready, willing and able to take on the task of representing us."

Lee Morris
Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Stevens & Wilkinson
Former Atlanta City Council Member, District 7
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